Our Services

Our Services

Based on our core competencies, we develop tailor-made concepts and solutions in collaboration with our clients. Already at the conception stage, we consider today's requirements regarding a modern, integrated controlling and communication strategy.

Methodology and transparency ensure a maximum level of clarity. During the project as well as afterwards, this guarantees the global view needed as a basis for adequate management decisions. Get to know our methodology and structured approach.

In the area of business management, our concepts and solutions would for instance include the integration of international accounting standards into existing accounting systems. In the process area, for example the reorganisation of internal and external workflow and reconciliation processes in order to consolidate financial statements. Find out more about the variety of our projects topics.

Our expertise

We use our holistic consulting approach to develop concepts and solutions for a modern, integrated controlling and communication strategy in collaboration with our clients. Based on this commitment and on our business and consulting philosophy the core competencies of KAPCON Managementberatung GmbH cover the following subject areas:

  • Group controlling
  • Group accounting
  • Project management
  • System implementation
  • Support and assistance

Securing the long-term success of our clients is the key objective of KAPCON Managementberatung GmbH and every KAPCON consultant. Hence, our skills are not restricted to conceptual areas of business management but also include thorough knowledge of system environments, applications and their operational support.

Group controlling

KAPCON Managementberatung GmbH consultants analyse how the entire controlling and reporting process can be made less complex, more transparent and more efficient for all parties.

This covers value-based controlling, budget and forecast reporting and harmonisation of management accounting and financial reporting. From a purely process-oriented point of view this could for example "merely" involve the reorganisation of workflows and reconciliation processes to ensure timely preparation of management reports.

Group accounting

In this area our activities are focused on the selection of national and international accounting standards (e.g. HGB/DRS, IFRS or US-GAAP), the individual choice and application of accounting options as well as on the organizational, process-oriented and system-specific realisation for balancing in due course.

Projects may vary from the realisation of single, recently adopted standards to the implementation of a parallel preparation of financial statements.

Project management

By means of task-specific management methods and organisational models we successfully manage large and highly complex projects.

A comprehensive multi-project management approach ensures that these projects become a success, all whilst being highly efficient.

System implementation

Our services in this area range from competent advice regarding the choise of the necessary modules to the comprehensive system implementation or optimisation.

Our knowledge of modern group controlling, information and consolidation systems allows for a fast integration into existing system infrastructures as well as for the connection of data-delivering systems.

Support and assistance

After project completion continuous support is provided, including on-site assistance, hotline service, system dial-in from outside the network and trainings.

This total care package will be tailored according to your individual needs and will give you extensive confidence.

Our methodology

Depending on the project-specific requirements, the consultants of KAPCON Managementberatung GmbH apply particular methods and procedures to achieve the objectives. Complex assignments are divided into subject-related sub-projects (e.g. legal consolidation and management reporting) which each comprehend the following phases:

  • Pre-investment study
  • Business blueprint
  • Realisation/Customising
  • Implementation

Within these phases single work packages are defined and can then be executed in simultaneously or consecutively, depending on the availability of resources.

By analysing existing documents and conducting surveys and interviews, the required information is gathered. Based on this, workshops are set up to define the requirements and target parameters that are to be realised in the course of the project.

Pre-investment study

The pre-investment study precedes the project, defining its targets and scope as well as project milestones. Considering the identified prevailing conditions a detailed project plan will be developed.

For the client, the pre-investment study serves as a basis for sound decisions and brings out the potential benefit on the one hand, but also the resource requirements, the costs and risks (e.g. regarding an implementation at a later date) on the other hand.

A pre-investment study is particularly recommended in case complex processes are to be established or optimised or an extensive software system is to be chosen and implemented.

In case only single aspects within the organisation are to be considered (e.g. a process or system optimisation) the study can also be conducted as an individual project comprising all tasks, including the realisation of the measures agreed upon.

Business blueprint

The business blueprint can either be a phase of a project or an independent project itself, e.g. for the improvement of a process description.

The focus lies on interviews and workshops to identify the requirements but also to discuss and develop a possible approach.

To give an example: within the scope of a system implementation for the parallel preparation of consolidated financial statements based on HGB and IFRS, in a first step, the relevant regulations and directives are identified and in a second step, the realisation options based on the technical possibilities of the chosen system are described.

Based on these options, the alternative process flows and organisational changes necessary for the achievement of the objectives are described and the ideal approach is chosen.


Typically, the realisation is one phase of an overall project. At this stage, the approach and the course of action as described in the business blueprint are realised in a process and system oriented way.

Based on the organisational and operational processes defined in the business blueprint, the general conditions necessary for the achievement of the objectives are established in the company.

The tasks cover the preparation for the realisation of organisational and process matters defined in the business blueprint, including the corresponding regulations and codes of practice as well as the integration of entire systems or the individual adjustment of standard applications.

During the introduction of SAP SEM-BCS, for instance, in this phase the customizing of the company-system to allow for a prompt execution of the reporting and consolidation process takes place.

Implementation including system check, production preparation and go-live

Normally, the implementation follows the realisation phase. All organisational changes and system relevant customizings and settings made during the realisation phase are transferred to live operations and tested.

During the implementation of organisational and process adjustments, the employees in the affected departments are trained regarding the new or changed procedures and the processes are implemented.

In case the process changes involve the implementation of a new application, the go-live of the production system includes extensive testing, user-trainings and the planning of the system management (e.g. production support) etc.

During the introduction of SAP SEM-BCS, for instance, a simulation of the last audited consolidated financial statements is used to reproduce the consolidated financial statements at the launch of the system.

Project examples

The following list provides you with some typical projects from our broad business activities.
Please contact us by email or telephone; we would be pleased to personally provide you with further information, e.g. regarding our reference customers or projects.

  • Process analysis and optimisation for the provision of information in the context of group reporting (e.g. Fast Close)
  • Harmonisation of management accounting and financial reporting
  • Software selection and execution of realisation studies for the implementation of management information systems (MIS)
  • Process definition and optimisation in the context of the implementation of SAP SEM-BCS for a parallel adherence to different accounting regulations (HGB and IFRS or US-GAAP)
  • Conception of a worldwide group controlling system and implementation of a data warehouse (e.g. SAP BW)
  • Planning and delivery of group-wide trainings on project-specific topics
  • Implementation/optimisation of group-wide management reporting (e.g. via the budget and forecast consolidation in SAP SEM-BCS)
  • Implementation of a worldwide web-based portal solution for the capture of data for group reporting (management reporting and consolidated financial statement)
  • Implementation of SAP R/3 EC-CS module for management accounting and financial reporting including an integrated data migration from the pre-system SAP R/3 FI and a web-based group reporting in SAP BW
  • Production support in the context of web-based data reporting and consolidation with SAP R/3 EC-CS or SAP SEM-BCS
  • Support for release changes up to the migration of consolidation systems, e.g. SAP R/3 EC-CS to SAP SEM-BCS
  • Consolidation support and hotline for system problems in production mode